Passion for innovation

We deliver innovative solutions through integrated processes between mechanical and digital technologies, to make your projects come true

Modern technologies

We are equipped with a wide range of technologies and last generation machinery

Skills and vision

Our mechanics experience and computer skills allow us to deliver custom prototypes in a very short time

Your ideas

We offer our experience to shape your ideas

Adriano Olivetti

“The word utopia is the easiest way to label what you lack the will, ability, or courage to do. A dream seems like a dream until you start working to make it real. Only then does it become a goal, that is, something infinitely greater.”

Our History

papa-jorioFounded in 1973, Jorio Srl use to be a mechanic factory producing prototypes out of plastic and plate works. In 1988 the company experienced its first crucial strategic change: the blend of applied mechanics with computer techniques, as the founder Ferruccio Agostino handed the control of the company to his son Luciano.

The evolution of numerical control machines and digital tools’ processing technologies enhanced new market skills and visions, which inevitably had revolutionary effects also as regards to the prototypes processing methods.

By constantly transforming and innovating its business activity in order to meet the market demands in a flexible way, Jorio Srl can now offer a diversified, flexible prototype engineering service, with related production enhancement.


The prototypical parts created include components in plate, cutting processed, as well as bending, drilling and cupping, multi axis milling, electro discharge wire cutting, and are completed with the planning and construction of control and testing equipment.

figlio-jorioLuciano Iorio, CEO Jorio Srl

One of Henry Ford’s most famous quotes is “only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”; this kind of approach seems to perfectly match the mission and vision of the company guided by 46 years old Luciano Iorio from Lessolo (Turin), where the company is headquartered. Lessolo is located nearby Ivrea, in the very heart of the area called Canavese, a land well influenced by the work of another entrepreneur, Olivetti, and by outstanding landscapes of great charm…read the full interview.

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